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Where would you like to bathe?

Bathing has always been a fascination of Anna. Growing up in densely populated and pulsating Holland the long summers spent on the tranquil Finnish countryside offered her a relaxing contrast. More importantly, the lakeside sauna of the family's summer cottage became a place to recharge both the body and mind. And it still is that place.

Creating a good sauna can take the whole afternoon but the award is worth the effort. The ritual of resting amid the hot steam
smelling the fresh birch and dipping yourself in the cool lake in-between is something that not only
the body benefits but also your soul.

Badkast brings the essential sensations of the sauna from the forest to an urban space. It is a wooden bath encapsulated in a wooden closet making it possible to bathe and enjoy the steam and the smell of larch wood wherever one pleases.

The handcrafted Badkast will come in a limited edition of three. Each Badkast is made using the wood of one tree trunk. The bath is fully handmade from the joints to the hinges.

Top three photos by Rene van der Huls

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