Anna van der Lei

creates conceptually strong projects with the focus on body and movement and hapticity. By approaching everyday rituals in an extraordinary way she questions the status quo and offers a new vision. Her work has been, among others, showcased at 21_21 Design Sight Tokyo, Milan, Dutch Design Week and Sotheby's London.

Let them be objects, videos or methods they embrace both past traditions and future possibilities. Collaboration is in the core of Anna van der Lei's work.

Anna, who is a mix of Dutch and Finnish nationality, graduated in 2008 from the Design Academy Eindhoven (with Honour) from the department Man and Well Being.

After graduation she started working in London for the product studio of Ilse Crawford. She has been lecturing as a guest teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven at the department Man and Well Being. Currently she is the lecturer in Contemporary Design at the Aalto University, Helsinki.


Design Academy Eindhoven
Food Camp Finland
Pekka Terävä / OLO restaurant
Finnish Glass Museum
Gumbostrand Konst & Form
Studio Harm Rensink
Helsinki Design Week
LähiTapiola (LocalTapiola)
Lester Arias
Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam
Tavastia Vocational college / Nuutajärvi Glass School
Jonathan Tuckey Design
Umbra plus collection